August 28, 2020

Got some weird news yesterday. 

Not bad. 

Just weird.

According to the one and only Dylan Wright, my college vacation home is being sold today. And the one and only Dylan Wright would have no reason to lie to me because my college vacation home happens to be his childhood...

August 26, 2020

Big things and small things. Small things and big things. 

I tasked my Advanced Theatre class with writing about their summer. I thought they would it would be this dramatic assignment with  Covid-19 and the Pandemic front and center, but it kind of wasn’t. They were ma...

August 21, 2020

As readers of this little blog know, this summer I have been spending much time at Mom and Dad’s house. 

Out of love and necessity. Love, because, well, I’m lucky enough to have parents I love. Despite differing political and social views, we manage to keep our relation...

August 18, 2020

Remember that show The Americans?

It was so good. Keri Russell was smoking hot, and emotionally distant and just heartbreaking in her dedication to the cause in spite of the life she created. The male lead, Matthew Rhys, brilliant. The sacrifices he made out of love for...

August 17, 2020

I think Jaimie and I bought a house yesterday.

No, we bought one. We've got emails to prove it.  

Or we tried to buy a house. I guess we can safely say that. We tried. All I know is that there’s a house in northern Taylors that is listed on Zillow, and that now...

August 12, 2020

“You go in. Magic beams come out.”


So sorry I haven’t blogged. 

That’s not cool of me. I know some of you look forward to what I write on a semi-daily basis, but between the beach and new medical situations and school going back and that whole mess, I just thin...

August 4, 2020

There had to have been a time. And a why. And a place for that matter. Some reason, some event that took the golf carts off of the course and put them literally everywhere in God’s known universe.

Even though I do live in South Carolina. That could be a factor. Do I hap...

August 3, 2020

Beach Blogs Volume 1

Back in the spring of 2009, I was in Charleston doing stand up for Piccolo Spoleto. It was the third or fourth and ultimately final installment of Skinny White Comics, the show that started my run of shows at Piccolo. It was truly a great chapter of...

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