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Hi everyone, Jaimie & David here.

It’s been a crazy week, and we thought we needed to update. There have been a lot of messages and texts that I know we haven’t responded to, so please forgive us for the delay.

By the way, Jaimie is doing the writing here because David is pretty loaded up on drugs. That and he is dictating a bunch of jokes that I don’t think are funny so I’m not typing them. That makes me "rude" apparently so that’s fun. Love him.

On Monday, David was admitted to the hospital for severe pain in his hip and back. Luckily, the day before, Adam Knight swooped in like the shining Knight he is and drove David home (with the invaluable help of the amazing Mary Jane and her Honda Pilot… seriously, I cannot thank you enough) the fifteen hours from Iowa City. He didn’t stop, just drove straight through. He knew that David needed to be back in Greenville. Adam dropped him off at the ER, we swapped places at 7 am, and then he came back to our apartment to rest. You are an angel, and I can’t imagine what we would do without you.

Without going into too many details, this eventually led us to today. Day 4 in a hospital room at St. Francis in a completely locked down facility. Our window has blinds on the outside (I know, right?) that are closed, so we have so sense of time or space. I’m so thankful we came in when we did, not only because they immediately got to work making David feel better by “throwing the whole kitchen sink of drugs at him”- (the doctor’s words, not mine) but because right after that they instituted a no visitors policy. If I leave this room at all, I won’t be let back in; I can’t even imagine, and I’d rather not think about it. I’m one of a handful of guests in this entire hospital.

Anyway, WE are writing because we knew it would seem weird that at a time when most people are self-quarantining and making lots on internet content, David, who is usually constantly writing, is ominously silent. I’ve tried to respond to most urgent texts or emails, but it’s a lot (the man actually has been trying to promote in his sleep; I had to confiscate his phone at one point) and I’m sorry if you haven’t heard anything. *David literally just said to me, “Is there a place for a joke in there? No? Because you’re tired or you don’t want to write it?—Having a blast, y’all.*

Hopefully in the next couple weeks, David will be back to his normal self (we should be released soon). In the meantime, please don’t think he or I are trying to be distant. We’re focusing on health, recovery, and each other. And David is having a great time entertaining the nurses and giving them his website so they can google him. He did ballet today while we face-timed his sister… so it’s safe to say the drugs are working. *David: Did we record the ballet?*

We’ll update soon, thank you everyone for all the love and support that we’ve gotten, and we love you all. Stay inside, stay safe, and love each other.

Jaime & David

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