August 21, 2017

“It’s the day of the show ya’ll”

-Waiting for Guffman 



So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that today was the day that Krispy Kreme replaced their normal glaze with chocolate and people went ape shit. 



For real. I happened to drive by Krispy Kreme at 7:50 last night and there was a line out the door. When I drove by an hour later, the line had gotten longer. Leave it to America to take a once in a life time solar event and figure out how to make it fattening. 


I’ve really enjoyed the lead up to the eclipse. It’s been nice to watch people get excited about science. It’s been fun to see people wearing silly glasses. It’s been cool using the world totality.  


And that it’s been predictable! Hasn’t that been the most wonderful thing? We all knew it was going to happen. We all agreed on it. There wasn’t any controversy. The scientists weren’t called liberal snowflakes. There was no fake news hashtag.


My life for the past year has been so utterly unpredictable. Moving. Getting Cancer. Starting treatment. Moving again. Every month it felt like there was another thing hurled at my face. I was just trying to get out of the way. 


And who knows, maybe that’s what life is. Avoiding projectiles coming right at your head. Desperately trying to stay on the horse. And maybe those who are best at rolling with the punches without going to the dark side are the ones who win life. Who knows. I don’t pretend to have any idea. 


But today at 1pm, it felt nice to be able to predict the next little bit of my life. It felt nice to know that science won the day. And for 2 and a half minutes it felt nice to forget about the projectiles coming at our heads. It felt nice to take a minute, and just look up.   



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