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Man of War??

I'm in Charleston for a quick trip to the beach. One of the advantages of your girlfriend having to work on your 40th birthday is that it gave me an excuse to stretch my celebration for an abnormally long amount of time. I'm hoping to make it until Thanksgiving. Jaimie will ask for help with the dishes and I'll ask about how she forgot to ask off for July 29th?

We were heading to the beach, and before we left our friend Rob said, "Look out of the Portuguese Man of Wars." Man o' what?? "There was an article in the paper," he said. It was in the Post and Courier. It had to be true.

I sat on the beach for a while faced with a real conundrum. A person can't have chemotherapy and get stung by a jelly fish in the same week.


So I faced my fear and hopped in the water. I wish I could say I threw caution to the wind, but that was not the case. I swam like I was having an acid flash back. Avoiding a danger that only I could see. But when I left the water, I felt like I had accomplished something. Like I had survived danger, and lived to fight another day.

What else are any of us trying to do?

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