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Day 42: A leaf in a park.

This morning I was sitting on a bench in park. You know, as one does. There was fog rising off the lake. Dew was glistening in the early morning sun. People were taking walks, having jogs, and I was there trying to soak it all up.

The bench was under a tree. No one was around me. Right in the middle of my frame of view, a leaf fell to the ground. It landed about five feet in front of me. It sat there, on top of a few blades of grass. The bottom curved ever so slightly. I am the only person in the history of this vast, ever expanding universe, who saw or will ever see that leaf falling to the ground. No one else. A singular event made possible by the fact that I had to go to Publix at 7:30 in the morning because I was out of coffee and on the way home I decided to drive through the park.

What are those things that only you will see?

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