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"What light through yonder window breaks?"

Jaimie is going to be really mad at me for writing this.

She doesn’t like her personal life out in the world, yet she decided to be with a writer who writes about nothing but his personal life, so sometimes she's going to get swept up in it whether she likes it or not.

I'm fully prepared to deal with the consequences.

All actors have their list of bucket list roles. If any theatres are reading, for me this list includes Cassius, Iago, and Thom Paine. Hamlet was on there, but I had the opportunity to scratch that off a couple of years ago.

Side bar- if you're looking for an actor to revisit Hamlet, I can scratch it off again!

For many actors with two X chromosomes, one of those parts is Juliet. And lost in the news of the past couple of weeks, is that fact that my girlfriend, Jaimie Shoshana Malphrus, was cast as Juliet in the Warehouse Theatre’s Upstate Shakespeare Festival production of Macbeth.

I’m sorry, I meant Romeo and Juliet.

Unfortunately, she did not get the chance to celebrate. She found out last Friday morning, and had to spend the afternoon with me at the pulmonologist.

Since my diagnosis, there is one thing people say that always makes me cringe. They say that things in their life feel insignificant compared to what I'm going through. To this I say BULL. SHIT. My sisters do it all the time and it drives me crazy! Those are the things that make up their lives, and their lives are in no way insignificant.

Jaimie goes out there and faces everyday with the same uncertainty I do. Probably more, because at least I know my body and have a sense of what's going on with it. She's in the dark.

I’ve known Jaimie for for a little over four years. In the time, I’ve seen her follow her dreams despite all sorts of obstacles thrown in her way. Her boss dying and losing her job. Her boyfriend getting cancer. Traffic in Atlanta. Moving to a brand new city to be closer to her boyfriend’s crazy family. Through it all, she's continued to act, continued to pursue her dreams. And like all actors she's had her disappointments, but along the way she booked her first professional tour, she's become a teaching artist with the Warehouse Theatre, one of the best theatres in the southeast, and last week she booked fucking Juliet. I'm so proud of her I can't see straight.

So I want everyone to help me get into really big trouble, and congratulate Jaimie on this major achievement. Because she doth teach torches to burn bright, and has beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear.

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