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"Hope is a little cheesy."



Yesterday was my first infusion of this new round. And 7/29/78 is my birthday. It is also your main identifier at the doctor’s office. The healing center, as I know like to think of it. I understand why they use birthdays to identify people. It makes total sense.

But it’s also great way to feel way too young to be here.


40 and a 1/2 years old.

Not that there’s ever right age to be here.

It also made me realize that my birthday is coming up pretty soon. That summer is almost here. That warm days and the long nights are upon us. No classes to teach. No lectures to prepare for. I’ve got a bunch of performances of Stages in June (including a two week run at Furman! Get your tickets here:

Other than that, I’m resting. I’m relaxing. I’m healing. Those are my plans for the summer. Still figuring out what exactly that looks like. I’m sure the Cubs will be involved. So will fruits and vegetables and meditating and vitamins. I’ve also got an appointment to do some Reiki. That’s exciting. And, of course, the infusions every other week. That’s where I’m focusing all my energy. And probably a bulk of my writing as well. On this healing summer. Fine, I’ll even call it a journey. This summer journey of healing. That sounds a little cheesy, but hope is a little cheesy. A little uncool. But that’s what I need right now. So that this time next year when someone asks me my birthday, it’s not to double check medicine or appointments, it’s to ask me what zodiac sign I am. And how I’m going to blow out that 42 birthday.

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