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Find Your Fountain Inn!

I’m writing this from beautiful Downtown Fountain Inn. Who knew Downtown Fountain Inn was beautiful? I didn’t until today.

And that, my friends, is the point of this blog.

Yesterday I was supposed to have chemo. I got there, had my labs, and went up stairs to see my doctor. After about ten minutes, his Nurse Practitioner came into the room. We said hello and exchanged our pleasantries, then she asked when my last infusion was.

“I had one on Friday, a week and a half ago.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. That’s a really quick turnaround.”

It is a quick turnaround. It’s usually two weeks between infusions, but my last treatment got pushed back because my flight from Chicago was delayed. (You can read about that experience here.)

Then this treatment had to be moved up because of my shows this weekend. That’s why I found myself back at the cancer center 11 days between treatments.

“Your labs look fine," the NP said. "But if you wanted to wait until Monday, you probably could. Are you sure you want to get it today?”

First off, I’m always sure I don’t want to get it. And once that thought was put into my head, I was out of there.

“If we can wait until Monday, then let’s do that,” I said, barley hiding my excitement. They unhooked my IV and I walked out of the Cancer Center with the Hallelujah Chorus playing behind me.

All of a sudden, five days of freedom were thrust upon me.

I got home and immediately had a coughing fit. A reminder that this six day reprieve was just that, a reprieve.

I made myself a sandwich, and decided that this was a reprieve I was going to take advantage of. I was going to Carpe Diem. You know, as much as my bank account would let me.

I got up off my couch and went to Bridge City Coffee on Wade Hampton Blvd, then I called my dad and said we should play a round of golf.

Today I slept late and drove to Fountain Inn to check out this new coffee shop a girl I know from high school owns.

Basically, Carpe Dieming for me means drinking coffee in new and exciting locations.

But it’s more than that. It’s about doing the things I’ve been meaning to do. It doesn’t always have to mean hopping off to Europe or seeing the Grand Canyon. What are the things right in your back yard you’ve been meaning to try? Why not do it today? It might open up a whole new part of the place you call home.

Like Fountain Inn for me. I'm encouraging you, dear readers of this blog, to do something today (or tomorrow) you've been meaning to do. Is there a little restaurant you've passed a hundred times and always wanted to try? Is there a little park you've been meaning to turn into but haven't? What are any of us waiting on? We only have a certain amount of days on this earth. Maybe now's the time to find a place you didn’t know was beautiful until today.

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