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My Month of Self Care

Today is July 1. I’ve had this day circled on my calendar for a while. See, June was incredibly busy. I had chemo, shows in Montana, shows in Arkansas, shows in Greenville. MC’ing the Cancer Survivors Day event.

It was fun, but it was a lot.

Yesterday was the last day of STAGES, and there is nothing on the calendar for July, aside from the the three chemo treatments, so this is the month I am supposed to relax. To self care. To heal.

The thing is, I still don’t know what that means.

When I think relaxing, I think cups of hot tea and meditating. I think the beach and the sun. I also think it means not worrying about every little thing. Does it also mean sleeping? Do naps count as relaxing? Does sleeping past 9am count as relaxing? If I sleep past nine I usually feel guilty, but if it was me relaxing I think I’d feel better about it.

Then there’s self care. I definitely don’t what that means. Is it talking walks or eating well or cancelling appointments you don’t feel like attending? It feels like when ever someone says they’re practicing self care some shit’s about to get cancelled.

So my blog this month is going to about the ways I try to relax and practice self care. Basically they’re going to be written by the pool sniffing sandle wood and listening to Oprah’s Super Soul conversations.

So here’s to relaxation and self care. If by the end of the month I’m living in Asheville wearing patchouli, you’ll know why!

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