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To Davey, on his 42 Birthday

Dear Davey,

Can’t believe it’s the year 2020 and you’re turning 42! One thing about the c word is that it takes away your fear of birthdays. Instead of, “Ugh, I’m 42” it’s like, “YAS! Forty fucking two!!!!!”

Man this year has flown by. Feels like only minutes ago it was 2019 and you were sitting at your computer, a mere 41 years old, typing this open letter to your future self. But time moves quickly. Especially when you’re having fun.

And what fun you’ve had! So many victories, both big and small. You finally learned how to shave without ruining the bathroom counter. You put your clothes away when you were finished with them, instead of throwing them all over the room like confetti. You managed to eat all year without surrounding yourself in a pile of crumbs. And whenever Jaimie said something like, “I’m hungry” you didn’t automatically respond with, “I’m Davey.” I know that was a hard hill for you to climb.

Artistically it was thrilling. You had another incredible run of Every Brilliant Thing, you performed Stages all over the country and it’s about to become a Netflix special. More and more people started reading your blog and a community grew around your writing. You got a book deal, two theatres are doing your play A Sudden Spontaneous Event, and in six months you’re going to open your newest solo show! Holy shit that’s amazing!

You’ve felt great too! You’re scans have been clear for the past six months, and in May of 2021 you and Adam Knight are running up 1 World Trade Center. Pretty incredible, considering early last year you could barely walk up three flights of stairs.

You and Jaimie took some exciting steps. Had some fun trips. Which is good considering how busy she’s going to be next year with her new Kindergarten teaching job and the three plays she’s been cast in.

Your parents are healthy and well. Rachel just had two of her songs licensed by The Bachelor. Anneclaire has become the most sought out trainer in the country and doesn’t leave her beachfront apartment for less than $2k an hour. Valerie and Michael bought a 20 acre ranch in Traveler’s Rest and Patrick is the new face of Gerber Baby.

And to top it all off the Elizabeth Warren/Stacy Abrams presidential ticket has a 37 point lead over Donald Trump.

So here’s to 42. May you be as present and as happy as you were when you were 41.




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